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Advertising discourages us from being different and individuals eventually look the same. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advertisements are so rampant these days as they are one of the most effective ways to introduce and promote a product and to increase the sales proceeds. Here it is stated that because of the decisive and inescapable impact of these advertisements, people tend to buy exactly the same products, which in turn, make them appear similar devoid of any individual identity. Even though the proponents of this view may have many arguments in their favour, I completely disagree with such a perception on the advertisement.

First of all, purchasing a product does not entirely depend on advertisements. This is because people try to own a product based on their financial position. For example, even though there are wide varieties of cars available with distinctly different features and costs in the market, an ordinary man cannot aspire to possess a highly expensive one, however tempting the advertisements is. He would choose one which is well within his financial capacity. Hence, there is no point in thinking that people would acquire the same product, and which would eliminate individual differences.

Secondly, people choose products on the basis of their quality, not because of the vile influence of advertisements. It is true to a certain extent that many people own the same products, both personal belonging and household items. If any reason can be attributed to such a trend, which was built over a considerable period of time, it is the quality, durability, reliability and performance level of the product, and the role of advertisement is insignificant and negligible.

By way of conclusion, I strongly believe that advertisement will not make people similar or uniform. The only reason why people choose the same product is the quality of the same, rather than the effects of advertisements. 

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