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IELTS Recent Exam Questions


Millions of dollars are spent on space research every year. Some people argue
that the money should be spent on improving living standards on Earth. Do you
agree or disagree? Opinion essay: disagree:
Follow the given format
1. Sentence 1: Give a general statement about the topic:(optional):
It is a well-known fact that an increasingly large amount of money has been
utilized for space research in recent years
2. Sentence 2: Paraphrase the question
Restate the question in your own words using
a. Synonyms of the key words
b. Changing the form of the word (adjective can be changed to verb etc)
c. Changing the order of the sentence (making active voice passive etc)
It is argued that this money should be used for improving the standard of living
of the people.
3. Sentence 3: State your opinion (thesis statement) + Give a broad outline of
the essay
Even though I agree that the priority of a government is to meet the basic
needs of the people, space research is also an important

16-12-2018 Speaking Part 1 & Part 2


– What is your name?
– Do you work or study?
– What are your responsibilities at work?
– Did you take any prior training for your current job?
– Do you plan to do something more to improve your current role?
– What did you do on holidays when you were a child?
– What did you do at home when you spent time with family?
– Do you think the way you interact with family has changed over the years?
– Do you plan to go on holidays in near future?


Describe a time when someone took a nice photograph of you.

when it was taken
who took it
what was happening
why you like the photo


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